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Lab UbiNET is constituted by a small but dynamic group of Professors of Computer Science Engineering and Computer Science Law from the Polytechnic Institute of Beja (IPBeja).

The members of Lab UbiNET are divided in: Researchers, which are Professores from IPBeja; Invited Researchers, which are connected with Lab UbiNET and IPBejain the context of projects or cooperations based on firmed protocols with Lab UbiNET and IPBeja; MSc Student, which are developing it's Master Dissertations and research activities at Lab UbiNET; and External Associates, which cooperate with Lab UbiNET in eventual topics or very specific issues on which they are experts. Lab UbiNET are very proud to count on its External Associate members, to have the privilege from benefit of them professional experience and skills.

Lab UbiNET is based on an Open Knowledge principle, where sharing and discussion of research topics is supported on an wealthy cooperation environment !


Rogério Matos Bravo

Armando Ramos

Invited Researchers:

Olga Ramos

Olga Cristina Ramos

Mário Candeias

Mário Jorge Candeias

Manuel Pires Coelho

Manuel Pires Coelho

Francisco Chainho

Francisco Nicolau Chainho

Vitor Farropas

Vitor Manuel Farropas

José João Ramos

José João Ramos

Fábia Filipa Berbigão

Fábia Filipa Berbigão

MSc Students:

Pedro Moreira

Pedro Miguel Moreira

Helder Tomás

External Associates:

José Carlos Martins

Pedro Verdelho

José Dinis

Nuno Casteleiro Góis

Nuno Poiares

Cynthia Obladen

Carlos Efing

Helenara Avancini